Trout in lemon and thyme oatmeal

February: Recipe of the Month

David CopelandFebruary 24, 2020

This month we collaborated with leading immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi for the Recipe of the Month feature in Viva Brighton magazine.

You might recall that Dr Jenna penned her first guest blog for Nutritious Fish '8 Ways To Achieve Dietary Balance' last month, and curated a whole section of health recipes for our website.

February's recipe of the month is Trout in Lemon and Thyme Oatmeal. Dr Jenna says of this recipe: "Trout is affordable, and tasty, and very good for you, rich in Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids which help boost your immune system by quenching inflammation. Oats have anti-inflammatory properties too, and are a rich source of fibre. The pomegranate seeds contain many antioxidants and the leeks are another great source of fibre – great for your gut health. This is a very healthy meal which will help keep the winter bugs at bay. And it’s surprisingly easy to make: this recipe serves two.

Trout in lemon and thyme oatmeal

Viva Brighton recipe

If you fancy cooking this delicious and nutritious dish, you can get the full recipe here from Viva Brighton. The ChalkStream rainbow trout is available to buy in our online shop now, either as portioned fillets or whole sides.

We're very excited to be continuing our collaboration with Dr Jenna over the coming months to provide you with expert information and advice on the nutritional benefits of eating more fish and shellfish. You can look forward to new articles focusing upon Omega 3s, why fish is good for the heart, the Mediterranean diet, vitamin D and immunity.