Neha Hampton preparing her range of curry pastes

Spice up your life!

David CopelandMay 24, 2020

We’re always looking to give you new ideas and inspiration for cooking fresh fish and shellfish. That’s why we’ve teamed up with local chef Neha Hampton, who is based in Henfield, West Sussex. Neha has just launched a new range of fresh curry pastes and simple to make recipes, which you can now find here at Nutritious Fish...

We had a quick Q&A with Neha to find out more about this exciting new venture...

So where did the idea for these fresh curry pastes come from Neha?

In normal times, you’ll find me hosting pop up supper clubs and private events across Sussex to showcase my passion for global cuisine. Due to the current climate, many small businesses like mine have had to rethink the way that we connect and stay relevant to people - that’s where the idea for freshly made curry pastes was born. My love for fish and seafood paired with my lifelong obsession for spice makes this Nutritious Fish collaboration perfect. I’ve created my range of curry pastes with simple recipes to accompany them, so you can make some incredibly authentic dishes quickly that will really impress your family. It also means you don’t have the hassle or expense of going to source all of those fresh ingredients and spices yourself - which can be a bit tricky at the moment.

Your curry paste recipes are from Asia - are these areas you've visited to find your inspiration?

Yes, Asia is my favourite place to travel. I went to India throughout my childhood and stayed in rural villages with my family for holidays which led to a curiosity that has yet to be quenched. I’ve visited so many countries but instead of the list getting shorter it keeps on getting longer!

Can you think of a memorable fish or shellfish meal you've had somewhere on your travels?

So many to choose from, but the one that stands out was the first time I ate Chilli Crab in Singapore: bib on...eating with your hands...covered in spicy sauce, it just doesn’t get better than that!

Who would you say your food heroes are?

I guess it all starts with my mum: she’s a traditional Gujarati cook and, whilst the cuisine is vegetarian, it’s incredibly complex and varied with lots of mind-blowing dishes. Rick Stein is another firm favourite of mine…his ability to capture the authenticity of local dishes is really impressive.

What else do you like doing apart from indulging your passion for food?

I’m lucky enough to have a varied ‘work life’…alongside my chef work I also teach yoga and manage our Airbnb holiday rental, both in Henfield. You can find more information here.

During the recent lockdown, have you discovered any new local food suppliers that you've been particularly impressed with?

Obviously Nutritious Fish! They’d been around well before coronavirus, but the importance of being able to get great food no matter where you are is more important than ever. The other is Jeremy’s, my local greengrocer in Henfield. They didn’t bat an eyelid when I enquired about the more exotic ingredients for my curry pastes like fresh lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, turmeric, etc. There are many positives that have come out of these challenging times and I hope that supporting local businesses and the humanity that we see in our communities will continue.

Can you tell us about the curry pastes in your range on sale at Nutritious Fish?

For starters, there’s four pastes in the range with accompanying recipes...

How long does it take from start to finish to prepare a curry using your pastes?

It’s a really simple 3-step process with very minimal preparation: you just add the paste into a pan and warm for a few minutes until aromatic. Then you add coconut milk or water - or a combination of both - bring to a simmer, then add your fish or shellfish and cook for 10-15 minutes, depending on the recipe. So, from start to finish, it’s less than 30 minutes.

Thanks Neha - great chatting with you!

Great chatting to you too - I really hope your Nutritious Fish customers enjoy the curry pastes and the recipes I've created.

To buy this great new range of fresh curry pastes, head to our online shop now and don't forget to check out our Fish and Shellfish Curry Recipe Book for more inspiration on how to make some delicious fish dinners.