David Copeland, the founder of Nutritious Fish

The Modern-Day Friday 'Fish Man'

David CopelandNovember 27, 2019

I was lucky enough this week to be invited on BBC Sussex Radio to talk about Nutritious Fish with daytime presenter Allison Ferns. The main topic of conversation was ‘What did you used to buy from somebody who came to your door?’ Some listeners remembered a fish man who would come to their street or doorstep every week, often on a Friday, to sell fresh fish from his van. There were recollections from other listeners about all manner of other products that used to be sold on the doorstep.

Local Fishmonger Sussex

I was curious about the Friday fish man, especially when Allison described me as the modern-day equivalent: taking online orders and delivering to customers in their preferred time-slots – rather than going door to door. When I did some research about fish delivery men, I have to say, I drew a blank. However, I did discover that food delivery to your door is not a new phenomenon: the first food delivery service was for Naengmyeon (a Korean cold noodle dish), recorded in 1768. And Hyojonggaeng (hangover soup) was also delivered for the Yangban Korean dynasty in the 1800s.

Allison had already tried our Nutritious Fish service before we spoke - she says on the show how much she enjoyed the fresh local plaice, Scottish salmon and live clams we delivered. She admitted she’d not tried clams before but liked them. Like many of us, Allison said she likes to shop for high-quality produce from independent stores, but she acknowledged it’s time-consuming to visit lots of separate shops. That’s what's so good about Nutritious Fish – if you’re busy and simply don’t have the time to visit different shops, a quick browse of our online shop is all you need to secure your weekend delivery of super-fresh fish or shellfish.

Allison also talked about how she’s keen to eat more fish, after having nutritionist Karen Newby on her show the week before. Karen was talking about the importance of oily fish in all our diets, especially our children, due to the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for optimal body and brain function. Eating oily fish just twice a week will help you meet your omega-3 requirements.