Restaurant-quality salmon brought direct to your door

Bringing Restaurant-Quality, Seasonal Fish Directly to Your Home

David CopelandOctober 25, 2019

Firstly, let me welcome you to Nutritious Fish. This is my fresh fish and shellfish home-delivery service which aims to bring restaurant-quality, seasonal fish directly to your home.

I’m the founder and creator of Nutritious Fish – so who am I? I’m probably just like you. I’m a resident of Brighton & Hove, a keen home cook, food-lover (especially fish) and always seem to be busy juggling my work, family and social life.

Founder of Nutritious Fish

Living by the sea should mean enjoying lots of fresh fish and shellfish. After all, that’s what we all do on holiday, isn't it? So why aren't we enjoying more of the wonderful range of produce our local Sussex and wider UK coastline has to offer?

The truth is, the options for buying fresh fish from decent local fishmongers are pretty limited.

I used to buy from Kevin's in Richardson Road, Hove until Kevin and his wife retired.

Then there’s finding the time at weekends to do it: I found myself resorting to buying supermarket fish as part of the weekly shop - and instantly regretting it after the first mouthful.

I stopped buying supermarket fish altogether after I watched an episode of Horizon called “The Honest Supermarket: What’s Really in Our Food?” - did you see it?

I’d already concluded that supermarket fish wasn’t great: tiny, over-priced portions, lacking flavour and smelling, well, distinctly “fishy”, even when I’d purchased from the "fresh fish" counter (everyone knows that fresh fish shouldn't smell fishy, right?!).

Horizon lifted the lid on the freshness of supermarket fish: a proper “fish scientist” tested cod fillets from five different supermarkets. The results? 30% had already gone off and some were believed to be up to 20 days old (here's a short clip, if you can stomach it)!

Putting all these thoughts together, I pondered: can I really be the only person who wants to eat fresh UK fish more regularly, from a local fishmonger where I can be certain fresh means fresh. Nutritious Fish was born! The concept is simple: if people can’t get to the fishmonger, I’ll take the fishmonger to them.

With us, you can order fish as often as you want – on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Sign up to a subscription and you'll not only save money, but your fish order will simply arrive each month or fortnight with no fuss or even the need to place an order.

Medical professionals say that a healthy, balanced diet should include at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish - how many times a week are you currently eating fish?

We offer free home delivery on Thursdays and Fridays and you can order up to 3pm the day before your scheduled slot, which means next-day delivery is possible.

Hand Prepared Fish Shop

We hand-prepare each order with care, including hand cutting each portion of fish to order. 

We package it in sustainable packaging, then deliver it personally to your door.

The fish you’ll buy is either landed locally from Sussex-based day boats or from UK seasonal, sustainable stocks.

So it has far fewer 'food miles' than supermarket fish and shellfish, and the quality, freshness and flavour is unbeatable too.


The Choice is Yours...

You can choose between selections of prepared boneless fillets (oily, white or a mix of both) which will arrive wrapped in compostable packaging, ensuring the whole process is plastic-free. In contrast to the supermarkets, we aim to deliver decent, chunky fillets that can be the centrepiece of your meal. We also offer butterflied mackerel fillets, live shellfish including mussels; Scottish hand-dived scallops; prawns and fresh squid.

As a keen home-cook I’ve designed a website which links you to video recipes for beginner and experienced fish cooks alike. This means you can knock up a quick weeknight dish or plan a more elaborate meal for friends and family at the weekend.

Much has been written about the significant health and nutritional benefits of fish – particularly the heart-healthy omega-3s found in oily fish. And as we all seek to consume less red meat, support local businesses and shop seasonally and sustainably, I hope Nutritious Fish ticks all these boxes.

What we’re doing is making life easier for busy people like you - bringing the freshest, best-quality fish we can source directly to your door, prepared and ready to be cooked.

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