How old is your supermarket fish?

How fresh is the fish you buy and where does it come from?

David CopelandJuly 27, 2020

We've welcomed lots of new customers over the past few months during the pandemic. It's great to have more fish lovers aboard and hear how much you're loving our REALLY fresh fish and shellfish brought directly to your door.

If you're considering returning to the supermarket for your weekly shop - or already have - please don't be tempted to buy your fish there... Why?

Here's a reminder of one of the reasons we started Nutritious Fish in the first place. In an episode of the well-respected BBC2 TV series Horizon series, dietitian Priya Tew and and fish specialist Richard Chivers lifted the lid on supermarket fish.

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Priya and Richard tested cod fillets from five different supermarkets and 30% had already gone off and some were believed to be up to 20 days old. It's not really surprising when you consider the complex supply chains and central distribution hubs used by all the large supermarkets. You might sometimes ask yourself: "When I live by the sea, why am I shopping for fish and shellfish at the supermarket anyway?!"

But lack of freshness is just one of the reasons you may want to steer clear of supermarket fish and shellfish (together with the obvious health risks of supermarket shopping due to the ongoing pandemic).

If you like to know where your food has come from - and prefer to buy UK produce - then check the label carefully as you could have a shock. Whilst you probably know that warm-water species (such as grouper, basa, tilapia, red snapper and tuna) are flown thousands of miles to be 'vac-packed' in plastic and sold at your local supermarket, you might be more surprised about the origin of more familiar types of fish like cod, haddock, pollock, hake and even wild salmon - which you may assume the supermarkets source within the UK or Europe.

A quick trawl of the "big 4" supermarkets' websites shows that they all sell ranges of cod, haddock, pollock, hake and wild salmon fished from the Pacific Ocean and processed in China. It's mind-boggling that readily-available fish from our UK coastlines is flown nearly 5,000 miles by the supermarkets.

We'd also encourage you to do your own taste-tests at home - comparing supermarket fish and shellfish with our own. We think once you experience the superior taste and texture of ours, you'll never go back.

So, if you'd prefer to be eating the freshest UK fish and shellfish, we'd encourage you to support Nutritious Fish - a small local family-run business - instead of buying from the supermarket.

We bring all of our fresh produce to you in compostable paper and plant-based packaging so that everything's plastic-free. What's more, 75% of our delivery mileage is now done in our own 100% electric delivery van - ensuring we're minimising our carbon emissions.

Maybe now is the time to sign-up to one of our monthly subscriptions and ditch the supermarket?

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