Book free home delivery in Sussex

We deliver free across Sussex (to the postcodes listed below) every Wednesday to Saturday.

Please book a delivery slot for the postcode group corresponding to your address. We cluster deliveries by postcode area to optimise mileage, carbon emissions and time. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to deliver to your postcode if it’s not on our schedule for a particular day, or if it’s not a postcode listed below. If a slot is unavailable for your postcode on a particular day or time, please check for a later date - you can book ahead for future weeks. Our great-value Subscribe & Save Plans offer 6 months of pre-booked delivery slots on the same day and at the same time. 

If you would like a delivery to a postcode not listed below, please contact us prior to placing an order to avoid disappointment.

After booking your delivery slot you’ll receive an immediate confirmation email with your delivery time, plus a reminder email 24 hours before your delivery. We may deliver +/- 10 mins either side of your booked slot. We may also contact you about accepting an earlier/later delivery - to allow us to cluster delivery slots more efficiently - we thank you for your cooperation!

If you can't be at home for your delivery we're happy to deliver to your workplace, or leave your delivery at your home in a fridge/coolbox in your porch, garden, garage, shed or outbuilding. Please complete the “add any special delivery instructions” section when you book your delivery.


If you would like delivery to a postcode not listed above, please contact us prior to placing an order to avoid disappointment.