We sell only the highest-quality, UK produce

We select high-quality, seasonal fresh fish and shellfish from around the UK with as much as possible from our local Sussex waters. This means it has fewer food miles than non-UK produce so it reaches you fresher and has a lower environmental impact. We deliver fish to your door either the day it's caught (for locally-landed Sussex fish) or within a few days if it's from elsewhere in the UK. Shellfish like our mussels, clams, cockles & lobsters are delivered still alive. Unlike a lot of supermarket fish and shellfish, ours has never been previously frozen* on its journey to you, so fresh really means fresh. We sell two high-quality farmed fish that are designated sashimi-grade quality: Loch Duart Scottish salmon and ChalkStream® rainbow trout. These fish do not require freezing before eating raw. (*The exception is our shelled and deveined tiger prawns which are sourced in Asia and are frozen at source to maintain their freshness. They are defrosted on the day of delivery and brought to you raw).

We make our products and pricing easy to understand

We aim to make our products easy to understand and provide as much information about them as possible, like explaining our portion weights and pack sizes. We avoid using traditional fishmonger “per kilo” pricing as we think this can be confusing and unclear. We prefer retail “per item” pricing so the price you see is the price you pay. Fish and shellfish are a natural product which means weights and sizes can vary. We aim to explain these so you know what you’re buying and how many people it will feed. The boneless hand cut fillet portions in our bestselling Mixed, Oily and White Fresh Fish Selections each weigh 180-200g. A standard pack of butter is 250g so it’s around three-quarters of that. Our boneless handcut fillets are more generous than the average supermarket portion which means they go further and offer better value-for-money. We sell whole fish in a range of weights and sizes which is indicated on each product listing. When you buy whole fish and ask for them to be filleted, there is natural wastage in the preparation process (skin, bones & internal organs). We aim to state the weight of the fish you'll receive after preparation so you know what you’re buying and how many people it will feed.

We offer free home delivery across Sussex (no minimum order)

We're a local company based in Brighton & Hove and we deliver across Sussex - not nationwide. That's why we're confident in offering you free delivery with no minimum order values. As long as we list your postcode on our delivery booking page, we will deliver to you free of charge.

We take the time to organise our delivery schedules by postcode area to make them as efficient as possible, in turn, optimising our mileage and carbon emissions. By only delivering locally within Sussex it means we don’t transport our produce over excessive distances, which again means it's fresher when it reaches you.

We operate as a sustainable business

We aim to operate as sustainably as possible in all areas of our operations. Packaging: We minimise unnecessary packaging to be resource-efficient. We use compostable and recyclable packaging and avoid single-use plastics. We don't use plastic bags or vacuum-packed plastic for our fresh produce*. We use plant-based, compostable wrapping paper and trays for wrapping our fish fillet portions and shellfish. You can put this packaging in your food waste bin or compost and it will break down into organic material in a matter of weeks. Our paper bags and cardboard boxes are recyclable. (*We're currently using nylon net bags for transporting mussels, clams and cockles (as they need to breathe) but we're actively seeking an alternative). We’re always looking at ways to further minimise our packaging. Delivering locally only means we don’t need to use the types of protective packaging other suppliers may use when sending fresh produce via couriers or over longer distances e.g. polystyrene, plastic foam, filler cushions, bubble wrap, cooling gels/packs or packing tape. Buying from local companies means you are being resource-efficient. We're proactively working with our suppliers to minimise unnecessary packaging for the products we buy from them. Zero-waste approach: We aim to minimise the waste we produce and our online business model supports this. We place orders with our suppliers only when we have received orders from our customers. This means - unlike a traditional retail shop business - we're not buying fresh produce that we may not sell, which may result in food waste. For other waste we produce as a business, we work with Veolia to ensure this is handled sustainably. More information can be found here. Sustainable transport: We take the time to organise our customer delivery schedules by postcode area to make them as efficient as possible, in turn, optimising our mileage and carbon emissions. We sometimes ask our customers to accept an earlier or later delivery to enable us to be as efficient as possible e.g. avoiding the need to visit a postcode area multiple times in one day. By only delivering locally within Sussex it means we don’t transport our produce over excessive distances. From October 2020 we will be using a 100% electric, zero-emission vehicle for customer deliveries.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction

We want you to be 100% satisfied when you buy from Nutritious Fish, which is why we proactively seek customer feedback all the time. Every customer is sent an online customer satisfaction survey which they can complete and return anonomously. We also welcome direct feedback in person, via email and our social media channels. We publish our customer ratings generated through our online satisfaction surveys and we encourage Google and Facebook reviews. We pride ourselves on meeting specific customer needs and going the extra mile: for example: cutting boneless fish fillets to preferred sizes; filleting & pin-boning; sourcing fish of specific size/weights; shelling & deveining raw prawns; gutting & cleaning fresh squid; packing orders to specific instructions. If there is anything you’re not completely happy with, please contact us at hello@nutritiousfish.co.uk and we will do our very best to rectify any problems immediately.

100% customer satisfaction

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