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We've brought together 200+ recipes to help inspire you with new fish and shellfish dishes to cook - plus many delicious old favourites. A healthy, balanced diet should include at least two portions of fresh fish every week, including one of oily fish, which means developing a varied selection of tasty dishes everyone enjoys cooking and eating is essential.

Pan-fried salmon with watercress, polent

Salmon & trout recipes

We've brought together 70+ recipes for salmon and trout, covering many types of dishes. 

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Flat fish recipes

We've brought together 20+ recipes for all types of flat fish including plaice, sole, brill and turbot.

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Seafood curry recipes

We've brought together a collection of delicious curry recipes for a range of fish and shellfish.

Seaweed butter-baked cod with pea and le

Flaky white fish recipes 

We've brought together 40+ recipes for all types flaky white fish including cod, haddock and hake.


Shellfish recipes

We've brought together 60+ recipes for all types of shellfish including mussels, clams, prawns, scallops, squid and crab.


Grey mullet recipes

We've brought together a collection of recipes for grey mullet so you can enjoy this underrated fish in new ways.

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Mackerel & sardine recipes

We've brought together 20+ recipes for fresh mackerel and sardines so you can enjoy these oily fish in new ways.

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Healthy recipes

We've brought together a great collection of our healthiest recipes for a range of fish and shellfish.


Prep & cooking tips

We've brought together a collection of prep and cooking tips for a range of fish and shellfish.