Customer Charter

We operate as a sustainable and ethical business

Nutritious Fish aims to operate as sustainably and ethically as possible in all areas of its operations.

Responsible buying:

The sustainability of fish and seafood can be a complex and confusing area, with many sources of conflicting information. We've chosen to adopt the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide to help us (and you) stay informed and buy as responsibly as possible.

The Good Fish Guide has an easy-to-follow traffic-light system to help make environmentally responsible choices when buying fish and seafood. We use this traffic-light system on many of our product pages.

[The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) should not be confused with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The latter operates the 'blue tick' scheme which was criticised in the recent Netflix Seaspiracy documentary.]

Nutritious Fish only buys UK-sourced fish and shellfish*. This keeps our supply chains short and minimises 'food miles'. We don't sell fish that aren't native to the UK, including tuna, swordish and grouper. Buying in the UK only means it's easier to monitor who we're buying from, capture methods, catch areas and the types of boats and fishing gear used. Where possible, we prefer to buy from smaller day boats using line-caught methods or smaller nets to minimise 'bycatch' (fish or other marine species caught unintentionally while trying to catch another type of fish). Some of our white fish including cod and haddock is caught by larger trawlers with larger nets but it will be from sustainable UK sources.

We sell two high-welfare farmed fish that are designated sashimi-grade quality: Loch Duart Scottish salmon and ChalkStream® rainbow trout. Both farms are RSPCA Assured and GLOBALG.A.P. accredited.

RSPCA Assured, previously Freedom Food, is the RSPCA’s ethical food label dedicated to farm animal welfare. The vision is for all farm animals to have a good life and be treated with compassion and respect.

GLOBAL G.A.P. Aquaculture sets the worldwide standard for good practices at every stage of production. It has strict criteria for environmental and ecological care, animal welfare and food safety among others.

*The only exception to UK-sourcing at present are the prawns we sell which are farmed in Asia. These are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified which assures food safety, environmental responsibility, social accountability and animal health and welfare. We are aiming to switch to supplying UK-farmed prawns this summer 2021.

Zero plastic & resource efficient approach:

We don't use any plastic packaging, and we aim to minimise unnecessary packaging to be resource-efficient. We use Vegware plant-based compostable packaging and - unlike many other fish suppliers and the supermarkets - we avoid using plastic bags or vacuum-packed plastic. We believe that if you're selling very fresh produce and have a short supply chain, vacuum-packing is completely unnecessary.

You can put our compostable packaging in your food waste bin or compost and it will break down into organic material in a matter of weeks. Our paper bags and cardboard boxes are recyclable and from sustainable sources.

Even though we don't use plastic packaging, we're always aiming to avoid over-packaging - minimising the volume of materials used and being resource-efficient.

Companies who use third-party national couriers tend to over-package fish and seafood to keep it cool and in good condition as it passes through a long supply chain. It's not uncommon for these packages to spend the night in a central distribution hub (warehouse). This means using lots of protective packaging and cooling aids, which usually means lots of plastic. We're proud not to use polystyrene, plastic foam, filler cushions, bubble wrap, cooling gels/packs or packing tape. When you buy from a sustainable local company like Nutritious Fish, it means you're being resource-efficient and protecting our planet.

(Some frozen products we supply will arrive in the manufacturers' own plastic packaging - this avoids wasting any further resouces re-packing this into compostable packaging. We're proactively working with our suppliers to minimise unnecessary packaging for the products we buy from them).

Zero food waste approach:

Every year, 100,000 tonnes of readily available and edible food from the UK’s retail and food manufacturing sector is wasted – equivalent to 250 million meals going uneaten. The online (non-retail shop) business model adopted by Nutritious Fish means we generate zero food waste. We place orders with our suppliers based on actual customer orders we receive and we end each week with no fresh stock remaining.

This is quite different to how a traditional retail fish shop would operate. They would purchase stock speculatively in the hope that customers would walk through the door to purchase. Inevitably, this speculative approach results in food waste as you can never accurately predict customer buying patterns or retail footfall.

Another advantage of our intelligent buying strategy is that we don't need to sell produce that's past its best, which is common in the traditional retail environment. When you buy from a sustainable online business like Nutritious Fish, it means you're minimising food waste and also buying the freshest produce available.

Zero emissions 100% electric deliveries:

We use 100% electric vehicles for all of our home deliveries, which means our deliveries create zero emissions. We have our own electric van plus we have the support of local company Zedify with their electric vans, quads, trikes and bikes.

We believe we're the only local fresh fish delivery company with 100% electric deliveries - many others still use dirty, noisy diesel vans which pollute our towns and countryside. With our electric vehicle deliveries, we're saving saving 190kg of CO2 every month, compared to delivering using a diesel van.

As we highlighted above, as we only offer local delivery, we don't use third-party national couriers who use diesel lorries and vans. Therefore, if you want to minimise the environmental impact, choose Nutritious Fish instead of a company that delivers using diesel lorries and vans.

100% customer satisfaction:

We want you to be 100% satisfied when you buy from Nutritious Fish, which is why we proactively seek customer feedback all the time. We welcome direct feedback in person, via email and our social media channels.

We publish our Google and Facebook reviews - you can click the on-sceeen pop-up widget to read our customer reviews.

We pride ourselves on meeting specific customer needs and going the extra mile: for example: cutting boneless fish fillets to preferred sizes; filleting & pin-boning; sourcing fish of specific size/weights; gutting & cleaning fresh squid; packing orders to specific instructions.

100% clear and honest:

We aim to make our products easy to understand and provide as much information about them as possible, like explaining our portion weights and pack sizes.

We avoid using traditional fishmonger “per kilo” pricing as we think this can be confusing and unclear. We prefer retail “per item” pricing so the price you see is the price you pay.

Fish and shellfish are a natural product which means weights and sizes can vary, especially when we undertake specific types of preparation where there is natural wastage (heads, skin, bones & internal organs). We aim to explain these on each product page, so you know what you’re buying and how many people you will be able to feed.

The boneless hand cut fillet portions in our bestselling Mixed, Oily and White Fresh Fish Selections each weigh 180-200g. A standard pack of butter is 250g so it’s around three-quarters of that. Our boneless handcut fillets are more generous than the average supermarket or fish retail shop portion which means they go further and offer better value-for-money.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will do our very best to respond within 24-48 hours.