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Our great-value range of subscriptions offer up to 10% off when you sign-up to monthly or fortnightly deliveries. Plus all the convenience of FREE HOME DELIVERY, automated online ordering & fixed payments - saving you money, time & hassle!

Quote the code SUBSCRIBE50 at the checkout to SAVE 50% off your first order, plus benefit from up to 10% off our standard prices on every order (4 month minimum subscription term with this offer).

How to sign up:

Click into any of the products listed on our Subscribe & Save page and you will see two purchase options: either 'One-time Purchase' or 'Subscribe and save'. To subscribe to any of these products for a regular monthly or fortnightly delivery, click the 'Subscribe and save' panel and a choice of delivery frequency will appear, together with the discounted price you will pay per order.

If you choose Monthly deliveries, our standard price is discounted by 10%. If you choose Fortnightly deliveries, our standard price is discounted by 5%.

To SAVE 50% on your first order: when you have added your chosen subscription product to your basket and reach the checkout, apply the special discount code SUBSCRIBE50 into the discount code box as shown below (4 month minimum subscription term with this offer):

*Please note: if you do not wish to sign-up for the 4 month minimum term, you can just buy a standard subscription without the 50% discount off your first order, and cancel at anytime. Simply checkout without applying the discount code.


Q. When will I receive my subscription delivery?

Our free home delivery service operates on Thursdays and Fridays. Please check our Free Sussex Delivery page to see when we deliver to your postcode. The date you purchase your subscription will become your regular billing date, and we will schedule your delivery for the next available Thursday or Friday.

Q. Will you still deliver to me if I'm out?

We can be a little flexible on delivery times, if you need us to be - just drop us a line. We're also happy to deliver to you if you're out: due to the perishable nature of fresh fish and shellfish it's not advisable to leave deliveries out in the open for too long, especially as the weather gets warmer. If you can't be in for your delivery we're happy to leave your delivery in a fridge/coolbox in your porch, garden, garage, shed or outbuilding - or with a friendly neighbour. Just let us know in advance.

Q. How many subscriptions can I buy?

As many as you like! If you purchase multiple product subscriptions on the same day, everything will be billed on the same day each month/fortnight and delivered at the same time. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase subscriptions at different times to spread the cost throughout the month, and tell us when you'd like them delivered.

Q. Can I buy a subscription as a gift for a friend or family member?

Yes! You can add their details as the subscriber so we deliver to them, but add your payment details against the subscription. If you only want to pay for the subscription for a set period of time, you can let us know and we can contact the subscriber after this and see whether they want to take over the subscription themselves. Our no-quibble subscription promise means plans may be paused or cancelled free anytime.

Q. Can I share a subscription with a friend or family member?

We need to have one main contact and payee for each subscription, and we can only deliver to one address per subscription. However, some of our subscribers choose to buy larger subscription packs so that they can share it with a friend or family members, sometimes freezing part of their order and passing it on (all of our fish is fresh and never previously frozen). This is sometimes a good option if you live close to the person with whom you want to share a subscription.

Q. Can I add extra items each month, in addition to my regular subscription product(s)?

Yes! We'll email you a few days before each regular delivery to tell you it's coming. You then have the opportunity to process a new order for any extras - or you can ask us to edit your subscription order and we'll add the extra items for you and send you an online payment link for the difference. It's all part of the service! We'll then automatically bring everything together on the same delivery.

Q. Can I swap / substitute other products if I want some variation each time?

Yes! As long as the other products are of an equal value to your regular subscription pack, you can swap / substitute for anything else in our online shop. This is handy, for example, if you still have some of the previous month's order in your freezer, and you fancy something different. When we email to tell you your next delivery is coming, that's the time to tell us about any swaps / substitutions.

Q. Can I ask for special preparation of the items in my subscription order?

Yes! That's all part of the service. For example, if you like some of your fish skinned & diced, we're happy to prep it just the way you like it. Or why not consider subscribing to one of our packs of skinned & diced fish?

Q. What happens if I'm on holiday?

You can skip a delivery free anytime, or you can just ask us to deliver a week or so earlier/later than your scheduled delivery day, or double-up on an order one month and skip the next one.

Q. Am I locked in for a particular subscription period?

Our no-quibble subscription promise means you can cancel free anytime. When you use our special SUBSCRIBE50 offer where you save 50% off your first order, we have a minimum subscription term of 4 months (from the date you sign-up) before you can cancel, which includes downgrading/reducing the number of subscriptions. You can swap a subscription product for another of the same value or more within this initial 4 month period. To avoid the 4 month minimum term, you can buy a subscription without applying the discount code.

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