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When we set up Nutritious Fish, we wanted to supply the freshest, highest-quality seasonal fish. And we knew there would be only one place to source this locally and that's Fish!, located at Shoreham Port. This retail and wholesale outlet supplies the best restaurants in Brighton, Hove and beyond, and is renowned for its top-notch day-caught Sussex seafood (turbot, plaice, hake, grey mullet, squid and monkfish, to name a few). Fish! also source a wide range of wild and farmed fish and shellfish from around the UK, which we stock in our online shop. We wanted to tell you more about the wider network of producers as we think they and their fish and shellfish are outstanding - as is their approach to welfare and sustainability - we think you will too...

Westcountry Mussels was founded by Cornish entrepreneur Gary Rawles, and is a vast aquaculture farm the size of 70 football pitches, located 1.5 miles out to sea in the pretty bay of St. Austell in Cornwall. Gary produces enough mussels each year - grown on over 300 ropes - to make 1.5 million portions of moules marinière, with the mussels themselves more plump and flavourful than any others we’ve tried. Indeed, his product is the top choice of not only most of Brighton’s best restaurants, but also of Rick Stein and Raymond Blanc.

So why are Westcountry Mussels the best? The water quality in St. Austell Bay is of the highest grade, full of nutrients, and warm too – never going below 10°C in winter – meaning the mussels just continue to grow until harvested. Westcountry’s clever on-site “debearding” process also means the mussels are sold chef-ready, needing no time-consuming kitchen prep. You can buy live rope-grown mussels in our online shop to cook to your own recipe: they come in 2kg bags which are great for 4 people, and larger 5kg bags which should stretch to 10. We also include these superb mussels in our Luxury Seafood Paella and Luxury Seafood Risotto recipe kits which are already proving a big hit with customers. You can also choose from three different mussels recipe kits, including a classic moules marinière to sample these oustanding shellfish.

You'll probably have seen Loch Duart salmon on many a restaurant menu – that’s because it’s the foremost, best-tasting sustainably-farmed salmon brand in the world. In fact, Loch Duart was the world’s first approved RSPCA Freedom Food fish farm, and has been rearing salmon in North West Scotland since 1999. Delicious and full of flavour, it’s also sashimi-grade, meaning it can be eaten raw without prior freezing – perfect for homemade sushi.

We stock Loch Duart salmon as individual fillets and whole sides - the latter perfect for a larger get-together at Christmas or New Year. Once you’ve tried Loch Duart, we don't think you’ll ever want to go back to supermarket salmon again - we haven't. We'd also encourage you to watch the short film 'An Extraordinary Journey' produced by Loch Duart which describes its unique salmon farming approach and its high standards of welfare and sustainability (you'll find the film in our homepage gallery, and on our Loch Duart product pages linked to above).

Another sustainably-farmed oily fish we love is ChalkStream® trout who have the only rainbow trout farms on the Test and Itchen rivers in Hampshire. Similar to terroir in wine, the fast flow of this pure chalkstream water makes for an incredibly lean fish with a unique fresh, clean taste; and like Westcountry Mussels and Loch Duart, ChalkStream® is also recognised for producing fish to the highest standards of welfare, food safety and environmental and ecological care. Chef fans of this beautiful fish include Mark Hix and Jamie Oliver.

This Christmas, we’d recommend giving this gorgeous ChalkStream® trout a go in our Beetroot Gravadlax Kit, with flavours of horseradish and dill that are ideal for a starter or canapé. A whole trout is available as two side fillets which will serve 8 people, plus you'll sometimes find fillet portions included in our mixed and oily fresh fish selections.

Then there’s our prepared crabmeat from The Blue Sea Food Company who use pots laid on the seabed in strings to catch their crabs – a selective and passive form of fishing which causes no damage to the marine environment. Similarly, our fresh, live razor clams - which come from Shetland - are hand-collected from the seabed by divers. This process has minimal impact on the surrounding marine environment, but also ensures the clams contain no sand, making for a far superior eating experience.

Our scallops are from the Shetland King Scallop Fishery, which has achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) status for its sustainable management practices. The clean, nutrient-rich North Atlantic waters around Shetland’s coastlines create the perfect conditions for these shellfish to thrive, giving them a sweet, delicate flavour and meaty texture. Then there are our fresh, live clams of the ‘Palourde’ variety, which come direct from The Poole Harbour Clam & Cockle Fishery. All of the above shellfish are available from our online shop, and make impressive, luxurious starters for the festive season.

As you can see, when you order from Nutritious Fish, you're not just buying the added convenience of free home delivery: you're buying some of the freshest, highest-quality seasonal, sustainable UK produce around. We're proud to work with all of these suppliers and producers, and proud to be delivering their products to your door.

We’re still taking Christmas delivery bookings for 20/21/23/24 December and New Year delivery bookings for 27/28/30/31 December. These slots are booking up quickly, so don't miss out - reserve your free delivery today!

COMPETITION TIME! The first five people to order either a ChalkStream® trout Beetroot Gravadlax Kit, or a whole ChalkStream® trout for delivery before Christmas (20/21/23/24 December), will receive a free pack of this incredible Cold Smoked Trout...


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