November's Dish of the Month: Scallops to Start

Updated: Nov 14

Preferring the cooler temperatures of November waters, our Scottish Hand-Dived King Scallops are at their most delicious right now. The nutrient-rich, crystal clear waters off the North-West Highland Coast of Scotland creates the perfect conditions for these delectable shellfish to thrive.

A well-loved starter or canapé, scallops are a great dish to serve at special occasions. The ultimate seafood treat and a great alternative to meat, they are fast becoming a popular option to add to Christmas menus and the like.

Their slightly sweet, yet delicate flavour and soft meaty texture means that they taste great when paired with stronger ingredients like salty bacon, black pudding, spicy chorizo, punchy Asian spices, or other seafood like prawns and mussels.

As with all of the freshest seasonal shellfish, they're also mouth-watering when simply pan-fried and finished with a squeeze of lemon. So if you are looking to serve something a little bit special this festive season, scallops are a great alternative to traditional starters and are guaranteed to be enjoyed by all!

How to Cook Scallops

Our handy guide on cooking scallops will show you just how simple and effortless preparing and cooking this tasty mollusc is. Along with a helpful video courtesy of BBC Good Food, we have you covered if you have never tried cooking scallops before.

We supply our scallop meats to you with the coral-coloured roe and muscle attached. This can be cooked together with your scallop meats to add a little bitterness to flavour. Lots of people like this, however others prefer it without, so to remove them simply pinch it between your thumb and first-finger and gently tear it away from the rest of the meat.

Our Favourite Scallops to Start

1. Scallops with Caper and Lemon Butter Sauce

A melody of flavours that really pack a punch, this fresh and zingy starter will leave your guests wanting more. A great canapé recipe for special occasions as the scallops can be prepared in advance and then chilled for up to 24 hours until ready to cook. Courtesy of Alison Walker for Country Living. See recipe >

2. Bacon Wrapped Scallop Pops

A classic flavour pairing that works so well together, scallops and bacon are a culinary marriage made in heaven. Served as lollipops for guests to simply pick up and pop in their mouths, this playful canapé is the ideal stress-free starter that guests of all ages will enjoy this season. Courtesy of Josh Eggleton for Great British Chefs. See recipe >

3. Scallops With Curried Parsnip Purée, Parsnip Crisps & Pomegranate

Eating seasonally is the greatest way to maximise getting the best out of your ingredients, and this gently spiced parsnip purée with tender scallops does just that! Melding the very best flavours of land and sea, this rich and creamy dish is a guaranteed crowd pleaser when served as a show stopping opener to your meal. Courtesy of Marcus Wareing for Great British Chefs. See recipe >

What leading nutritionist Dr Jenna Macchiochi says...

"Scallops are packed with protein yet are low in calories. Consumption of fish and shellfish has been shown to aid in weight loss better than other protein sources. Parsnips are a delicious wintery veg with less calories and more fibre than potatoes, plus they are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. Pomegranate contains many phytochemicals with antioxidant action, such asellagic acid."

Read more from Dr Jenna Macchiochi explaining the benefits of including more fresh fish and shellfish in your diet and the science behind it in our blog posts.

Push the Boat out this Christmas...

Our Scottish Hand-Dived King Scallops are available now at just £2.49 each. And our online recipe book contains plenty of show-stopping dishes featuring more scallop recipes and other inspirational fish and shellfish dishes to cook as an alternative to meat this festive season.

Reserve your free delivery slot now and simply add new items to your basket as you plan your menu. Most items can be added right up to 1 day before we prepare and deliver them straight to your door.

If you're already a big fan of scallops, you may also like eating clams, cockles, squid prawns and mussels... all available to buy now in our online shellfish shop.


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