January's Dish of the Month: Feel-Good Recipes

Following an unprecedented year of welcoming so many new customers on board, we've loved hearing how more and more of you are choosing to incorporate our fresh fish and shellfish more regularly into your weekly meal plans.

Plus, with many of you already noticing the positive difference eating more fish is having on your general wellbeing, we thought we'd begin 2021 as we mean to go on: with three of our favourite recipes that are not just delicious, but are also good for you and easy to cook!

We're not promising 'dietary magic': instead we're simply giving you the facts and the tools you need to incorporate more fish into your weekly meal plans as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

The Facts:

Fresh fish and seafood is rich in protein and full of the iron and vitamins that our bodies need in order to stay healthy. A key tool in our modern-day 'wellbeing toolbox,' Omega-3s are evidenced to lower blood pressure, maintain good eye health and brain function and - most importantly - play a key role in strengthening our immune system. It's also been linked to providing relief from depression and is an additional source of Vitamin D.

So, with the cold winter ahead of us, there really is no better time to start meeting your body's needs and eat more fish.

Discover the 7 Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Fish in our healthy lifestyle guide.

Eating at least two portions of fresh fish a week will help you meet your Omega-3 requirements. Most easily absorbed through oily fish like salmon or trout, it's recommended at least one of those portions is rich in oils. So it's lucky that they are some of our most popular and most enjoyed fish. Packed full of flavour and texture, these oil-rich options make for delicious fish dinners that the whole family will enjoy.

The Famous Four

Read more about the science behind Omega 3 and why we need is as part of our 'health toolbox' in our Omega 3: fish, supplements or brains feature.

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The best way to include more fish in your weekly meal plan is to choose one of our great value subscription plans - available in 4 pack sizes to suit all family sizes and appetites. Our monthly fish selections feature boneless fresh fish fillets that have been expertly hand filleted and cut into generous portions. Carefully wrapped in our signature compostable paper packaging, and labelled so they're ready to cook/freeze, we deliver them free to your doorstep on Thursdays or Fridays. Plus you'll save 10% by signing-up to a subscription plan!

Our online recipe book is packed full of delicious ways to enjoy the fish you'll receive in your regular subscription deliveries. The ideal choice for regular fish eaters who want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet but perhaps lack the inspiration to create varied tasty meals.

The Tools:

Eating healthily does not need to be boring, especially when there is fish and shellfish on the menu! And with so many delicious ways to prepare and cook them, we promise that you will not find it hard to incorporate more fresh fish and shellfish into your weekly meal plan.

We teamed up with Dr Jenna Macchiochi to create an exciting collection of our Healthiest Recipes to see you through your first month of eating more fish. We are always adding lots more tasty options so bookmark the link and check back regularly for new and creative fish dinners that we think you'll enjoy.

But for now here are three of our favourites to kick things off:

1. Squid & Pinto Bean Stew

Slow cook squid with a punch of paprika, tomato and pinto beans for a robust meal filled with tender shellfish. Needing just 15 minutes prep time, this one-pot wonder can be made ahead of time and served with garlic toasts on the side or wilted greens for a healthier option.

Dr Jenna Macchiochi's nutrition notes: "A warming winter dish that leaves you satisfied. The addition of pinto beans means this is filling and full of plant fibre (which most of us are not eating enough of).

The squid is a great source of protein and low in calories, yet rich in vitamins and minerals including B vitamins which are important for energy and important immune strengthening minerals including zinc and selenium. You can ditch the toasts to reduce the overall calories in this dish."

Find the full recipe here and add our Fresh Cleaned Squid to your basket now - or perhaps you'd prefer these frozen squid rings?

2. Steamed White Fish with Ginger and Soy

A quick and healthy steamed plaice recipe that transports you to the islands of South East Asia. Pairing the fish with fragrant ginger and Thai basil, this dish benefits from the gentle heat of a steam oven. If using a regular oven simply add a dash of fish stock to the bag before sealing. Ready in around 10-15 minutes, this is the perfect winter warmer that the whole family will enjoy.

Dr Jenna Macchiochi's nutrition notes: "White fish is full of protein and B vitamins which helps to keep your heart and nervous system healthy and helps your body to release energy to fight tiredness and fatigue. Serve with plenty of steamed greens and a little rice for fibre."

Find the full recipe here and order our White Fresh Fish Selection online now.

3. Jogaetang (Korean Clam Broth)

A warming seafood broth that is so simple to make but packed full of flavour, this very low-fat option is great for a simple but special meal when you're short on time.

Dr Jenna Macchiochi's nutrition notes: "Although you might want to eat lighter after Christmas, it's still cold. This simple, nutritious and warming broth is perfect for winter. Clams are a very nutritious whole food with a host of health benefits.

They are a lean source of protein, rich in minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Full of diverse vegetables and spices means it’s not only packed with flavour but also fibre and phytonutrients. Plus serving with kimchi is great for your gut."

Find the full recipe here and order our Live Dorset Palourde clams for the whole family to share!

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