• Fresh UK king prawns


    Most prawns eaten in the UK are imported frozen from the Far East and South America. Up to now, we've only been able to supply those types of prawns, which have a limited life as they can't be re-frozen. That's until now...


    We're excited to be able to bring you these genuinely fresh Pacific White Leg king prawns which are produced in the UK, in the heart of Lincolnshire. Being a salt water species they have a superior natural sweet flavour compared to fresh water prawns. With a firm texture, they're perfect skewered and grilled on the BBQ or cooked sizzling in garlic butter.


    Our producer has received the top rating from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) for their production and sustainability methods, minimising the carbon footprint and food miles for these prawns. This includes:


    Using renewable energy & sustainable heating


    Having a robust water conservation policy


    Creating a salt water environment to mimic natural sea water but without any of the pollutants found in the oceans


    Order in 4 different pack sizes:


    SMALL (10 prawns - 250g) - £9.99

    MEDIUM (20 prawns - 500g) - £19.99

    LARGE (30 prawns - 750g) - £29.99

    X-LARGE (40 prawns - 1kg) - £39.99


    Like all of our products, your prawns will be delivered in sustainable packaging.


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    Country of origin: UK

    Product Type
    • Provenance

      These prawns are grown in Lincolnshire, in a closed-loop aquaculture system which mimics the biological and physical processes used by nature to remove waste materials and to oxygenate the water. This allows for sustainable inland production of warm saltwater prawns.


      Feed: our producer avoids the use of unsustainable feed sources by growing the prawn’s food naturally within the aquaculture system, and supplementing this with additional nutrients. It does not source any ingredients from unsustainable sources and it supports the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Associations (IFFO) global standard and certification programme for the responsible supply of fishmeal and fish oil.


      Production environment: our producer's system is designed to use renewable energy, while minimising power requirements. It's completely controlled with sustainable heating, with solar power forming the basis of its electrical consumption and a robust water conservation policy. The prawns are grown in salt water to mimic natural sea water but without any of the pollutants found in the oceans. With minimal input requirements and a small carbon footprint, our producer avoids high energy and chemical use, reliance on unsustainable feeds and susceptibility to diseases all of which blight conventional prawn production.

    • How should I store my prawns?

      These prawns are UK-sourced and fresh - not previously frozen. Therefore, they can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days, but you can also freeze them on the day of delivery to ensure premium freshness when you come to use them.

    • How to prepare your prawns

      Please visit our Preparation & Cooking Tips section where you will find some handy video tutorials about how to prepare your raw prawns.