Bali - a Hindu island in Indonesia - has a unique and interesting style of cuisine, demonstrating indigenous traditions alongside influences from other Indonesian regional cuisine, Chinese & Indian.


This recipe kit includes a Balinese Basa Gede curry paste - by Henfield-based chef Neha Hampton - which is the traditional Bali spice mix: balancing fresh ingredients including lemongrass, turmeric and ginger with dry earthy ingredients such as candlenuts, nutmeg and coriander.


Your recipe kit will include the Basa Gede curry paste, skinned and cubed white fish fillet (e.g. cod, haddock or hake), Biona organic coconut milk and jasmine rice. Available in 3 pack sizes.

Using this recipe kit couldn't be simpler: just add the paste into a pan and warm for a few minutes until aromatic; then add the coconut milk and fish and cook for 15 minutes. Delicious, nutritious and perfect when you're pushed for time or have a curry craving.


You can also buy individual pots of this curry paste.


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Balinese Basa Gede curry recipe kit

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  • SMALL (serves 2):

    1 pot of Basa Gede curry paste
    250g skinned & cubed white fish fillet (e.g. cod, haddock or hake)
    400ml of Biona organic coconut milk

    150g jasmine rice


    MEDIUM (serves 4):

    2 pots of Basa Gede curry paste

    500g skinned & cubed white fish fillet (e.g. cod, haddock or hake)

    800ml of Biona organic coconut milk

    300g jasmine rice


    LARGE (serves 6):

    3 pots of Basa Gede curry paste

    750g skinned & cubed white fish fillet (e.g. cod, haddock or hake)

    1,200ml of Biona organic coconut milk

    450g jasmine rice

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