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Our handmade beetroot gravadlax takes this wonderful ChalkStream® rainbow trout to another level - it's our Russian take on a Scandi classic!


We make our special Russian-style marinade from fresh beetroots, Stolichnaya vodka, rock salt, Demerara sugar, horseradish, lemons and dill. We marinade the trout fillets in this mix to create a clean and fresh tasting gravadlax which looks spectacular. Perfect for Christmas canapés when served on rye bread with horseradish cream.


Ready to eat. Supplied as a whole side fillet ready for you to slice at home.



Handmade Russian-style ChalkStream® trout beetroot gravadlax (whole side)

SKU: 600-700g beetroot gravadlax whole side
£46.14 per 1 Kilogram
  • ChalkStream rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

    Method of production: Farmed
    Production country: UK
    Production method: Freshwater pond without recirculation


    The sustainability of fish can vary significantly depending on how and where it has been caught or farmed. Many single species are caught or farmed in a variety of ways and this range shows that, within a species, some sources may be more sustainable than others.


    We aim to use the 1-5 traffic light system developed by the Marine Conservation Society to help you choose the most environmentally sustainable fish.


    'Best choices' are rated 1 and 2 (green), 'Fish to Avoid' are rated 5 (red). Ratings 3 and 4 mean 'Think' (yellow and amber), as there are better rated alternatives.


    Rainbow trout farmed in freshwater is a good choice, in comparison to wild sea trout where populations are threatened in some areas. Farming takes place mainly in ponds or raceways with water being supplied from an adjacent river. Location of farms is determined by the proximity of a clean river to provide water. Trout are carnivorous fish whose feed relies on wild fisheries.


    ChalkStream® trout is a high-welfare farmed fish from the Test and Itchen rivers in Hampshire. Spring water that has been filtered through the chalk down land into underground aquifers, feeds these rivers. The water is rated class A by the Environment Agency, the highest achievable grade. ChalkStream® farms are certified under the leading quality standards and the RSPCA Assurance Scheme. The fish are grown to the highest standards of welfare, food safety and environmental and ecological care.

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