• Smoked salmon salad with crab dressing

    Quick yet luxurious, this is a great starter or support - the fresh crab mix with mayo and cayenne is also delicious with potatoes. This recipe is designed for 2 people - simply double/triple the measures if you're feeding 4-6 people.


    Dr Jenna Macchiochi's nutrition notes:

    "Protein-packed salmon and crab keep you fuller for longer, meaning you’re less likely to snack – plus salmon is a fantastic source of vitamin D, and crab is low in calories but high in nutrients. Why not swap out the mayo for hummus to add more fibre? Great as a quick light lunch, or make it more substantial for dinner by adding potatoes."


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    (courtesy of bbcgoodfood.com)


    Buy fresh crab for this recipe:

    Devon crab meat

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    Preparation: Easy