Devon Crab is some of the finest in the world and we are proud to bring this West Country delicacy to your table.


Flaky and chunky in texture, the sweet and delicate flavour of our Devon white crab mix has a blend of claw, leg and body meats. Excellent in seafood risottos, crab salads, baked tarts and Thermidor.


Our Devon crab is pot caught in the Western English Channel, North Sea and other areas (NE Atlantic) and processed in Paignton, Devon. This crab healthy, sustainable and above all delicious.


Supplied in a handy 'vac-pack', this crab meat has a use-by date of 01.01.21 if kept in the fridge unopened. Once opened it must be consumed within 2 days.




Devon crab meat

SKU: 454g crab meat
£55.04 per 1 Kilogram
  • Crab (Cancer pagurus)
    Capture method: Pot or creel
    Production method: Caught at sea
    Production country: UK


    The sustainability of shellfish can vary significantly depending on how and where it has been caught or farmed. Many single species are caught or farmed in a variety of ways and this range shows that, within a species, some sources may be more sustainable than others.


    We use the 1-5 traffic light system developed by the Marine Conservation Society to help you choose the most environmentally sustainable shellfish.

    'Best choices' are rated 1 and 2 (green), 'Fish to Avoid' are rated 5 (red). Ratings 3 and 4 mean 'Think' (yellow and amber), as there are better rated alternatives.


    Brown crab stocks are relatively healthy in Cornish waters and the main fishing method used for brown crab is potting. This is a selective fishing method, with very little impact on the seabed. As a result pot caught brown crab is one of the most sustainable choices of seafood you can make. Undersized and berried crabs can be returned safely to the sea unharmed, so there is no problem with killing undersized crabs.

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