Fresh salmon is famous for being one of the richest sources of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for a healthy heart and brain function.


Loch Duart have been producing the finest farmed salmon in North West Scotland for 20 years. They're recognised for producing to very high welfare standards, monitored by RSPCA Freedom Foods code of conduct. The quality of Loch Duart salmon is such that it is designated sashimi-grade and does not require freezing before eating raw.


The salmon is expertly filleted, skinned and then diced, ready for you to cook. Alternatively, it can be frozen to use another day.


Ideal for creating many different healthy and tasty meals for all the family:


Curries, stews, tagines and one-pots

Tacos & lunch wraps

Fish pies

Pasta dishes

Tray bakes

Risottos & paella

Making your own burgers & fish cakes

Breadcrumbed or battered goujons

Skewers & kebabs



Each pack contains 300g of diced salmon fillet - enough to serve 2 people as part of a meal. Please order in multiples to suit your family / group size i.e.


Quantity 2 = 600g = enough to serve 4 people

Quantity 3 = 900g = enough to serve 6 people

Quantity 4= 1.2kg = enough to serve 8 people


Watch this brand new video to discover more about Loch Duart salmon.


We're passionate about supplying you with the freshest UK-sourced fish. Have you read our blog post "How fresh is the fish you buy and where does it come from?"

Loch Duart Scottish salmon fillet (300g)

SKU: 300g diced Loch Duart salmon fillet
£24.97 per 1 Kilogram
  • We have a whole section on our website dedicated to explaining the health benefits of eating fresh fish & shellfish.

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