Our fresh live Razor Clams come direct from various locations around the Scottish coast. They are hand caught by divers who swim down to the seabed to collect them*. This is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly form of harvesting Razor Clams with minimal impact on the surrounding marine environment. As the Razor Clams are hand-dived, they contain no sand and are very high quality.


Choose from two different sizes:


MEDIUM: 1kg bundle - £21.99

Sufficient for 2 people


LARGE: 2kg (2 x 1kg bundles) - £43.99

Sufficient for 4 people


*Due to the hand-dived nature of this product, it will sometimes be unavailable due to adverse weather conditions in Shetland, preventing the divers from harvesting.

Live hand-dived Shetland razor clams

  • Do not keep live razor clams submerged in fresh water, as they will drown - if you need to store them overnight, wrap them in a damp cloth and keep in the bottom drawer of the fridge.


    General guidelines for all live shellfish:


    Do not store live shellfish:

    In airtight containers (boxes or bags) because they need to breathe

    In water or directly on ice since the fresh water may drown them


    Discard any shellfish if the shells are open and do not close when you tap them - live shellfish will "clam up" if their shells are tapped

* High-quality, fresh UK produce * Free delivery across Sussex (no minimum order) *

 * Easy to understand pricing & pack sizes * Sustainable packaging *





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