• Live Cornish rope-grown mussels (1kg)


    Our rope-grown mussels come from the clean and nutrient-rich waters of St. Austell Bay on the Cornish coast. They have clean light shells and plump orange meats providing a distinct creamy flavour.


    (1kg* bag)


    How many museels should you buy?

    It really depends how hungry you are and what you're cooking, but we'd usually recommend 0.5kg per person, so this 1kg bag will feed 2 people.


    *Live shellfish experience water loss once packed as their shells open - this means weights will vary


    Allergy advice: Molluscs (100%)

    Product Type
    • Provenance

      Our high-welfare, rope-grown mussels are from Westcountry Mussels based in St. Austell Bay in Cornwall. These mussels are grown in the highest-grade clean ocean waters, providing the very best quality mussels available. More details

    • How should I store my mussels?

      Live mussels (without shells removed) should be stored in open containers in the fridge, loosely covered with clean, damp paper towels or cloths to prevent them from drying out. The optimum storage temperature is 4-8°C. Temperatures of 1°C or lower (especially freezing temperatures less than 0°C) can kill shellfish.


      Do not store shellfish:

      In airtight containers (boxes or bags) because they need to breathe

      In water or directly on ice since the fresh water may drown them



      Discard mussels, oysters, clams or any other live shellfish if their shells crack or break

      Discard any shellfish if the shells are open and do not close when you tap them - live shellfish will "clam up" if their shells are tapped