• Fresh Scottish king scallops


    Our scallops are from the Shetland King Scallop Fishery which has achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) status for sustainable management practices. The clean, nutrient-rich North Atlantic waters around Shetland’s coastline create the perfect conditions for these shellfish to thrive, giving them a sweet, delicate flavour and meaty texture.


    Choose from three different sizes:


    SMALL (8 scallops) - £14.99

    MEDIUM (16 scallops) - £28.99

    LARGE (24 scallops) - £39.99


    We supply our scallop meats to you without shells but with the coral-coloured roe and muscle (that attaches the scallop to the shell) still attached. The muscle is easily removed from each scallop, then you have the choice of whether to cook the roes together with your scallop meats.


    Don't miss our great selection of sauces and condiments which offer some great accompaniments to shellfish.


    Allergy advice: Molluscs (100%)

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    • How should I store my scallops?

      When we deliver your order, put it straight in the fridge. Fresh scallops are best enjoyed the same day they're delivered or within 2 days. Each pack features a label with a 'Use By' date which will be 2 days after the date your scallops were packed. The paper in which your scallops are wrapped is compostable, so it can go in your food waste bin or composter.


      Alternatively, if you're planning to eat your scallops 2+ days later, freezing is recommended to maintain freshness. Ideally freeze your scallops as soon as possible on the delivery day. Remove all of the packaging and place in a freezer bag (remove excess air) or airtight freezer container. Defrost thoroughly before use and eat on the same day. Do not re-freeze. Best within 2 months of freezing.

    • How should I prepare & cook my scallops?

      Watch our video in our Preparation & Cooking section which shows you how to prepare and cook your scallops.