• Fresh squid (cleaned)


    Our fresh squid is ideal for making calamari, salt & pepper squid, seafood paellas and risottos, grilling and barbecuing. What's more, it's naturally low in calories and carbs, plus a good source of protein and vitamins B12 and B6.


    We will clean and prepare your squid for you, so it's ready to cook and there will be no wastage - the weight you buy is the weight you'll have to cook (often when you buy whole squid, up to 50% of the weight can be wasted during the cleaning process).


    You will receive 600g of cleaned, ready-to-cook squid in this order

    (To order more, please add multiples of this item to your shopping basket)

    • Provenance

      Our squid is mostly from our local Sussex waters, but sometimes from elsewhere in the UK, depending on availability.


      The Sussex day-boats land their catch within hours of capture, to ensure the fish is of the highest quality. When squid are temporarily unavailable from the local sea area, we will only source them from sustainable stocks within the UK.

    • How should I store my squid?

      Fresh squid is best enjoyed when eaten straight away, or within 2 days of delivery. Store in your fridge and make sure it is in a covered container.


      Alternatively, to freeze your squid, place them straight in the freezer upon delivery and consume within 2 months. Write the date on the packaging before freezing. Do not re-freeze after defrosting.