Our new handmade jumbo fish fingers are chunky, firm and flaky - made from 100% coley fillet (or 100% haddock or cod fillet when coley is unavailable). Coley is the more sustainable relative of the cod and has a firmer, darker flesh which turns white like cod when cooked. We handcut each fish finger, dust with plain flour, dip them in free-range egg and coat them in panko breadcrumbs.


Compared to supermarket alternatives, you'll find our fish fingers have more fish and less coating (according to the ingredients label, the average supermarket fish finger contains only 60-65% fish). Our fish fingers are 85-90% fish, with no added salt, fat or other additives to create a healthier fish finger.


Choose from 3 pack sizes - supplied frozen for oven cooking.


Packaged in our signature compostable food trays and wrapped in compostable greaseproof paper. These can go in your food waste bin or composter.

Handmade jumbo fish fingers

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  • SMALL = 6 frozen fish fingers (350g)
    MEDIUM = 8 frozen fish fingers (470g)
    LARGE = 12 frozen fish fingers (700g)

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