Use this quick and easy technique to remove the skin from most types of fish fillets - either whole sides of salmon - as shown here by Gordon Ramsay - or smaller individual fillet pieces. He also shows how to pin bone the fillet after the skin is removed.


Remember, more delicate fish certainly benefit from being cooked skin-on as it prevents them falling apart. And sometimes it’s much easier to discard the skin after cooking than before. However, if your recipe calls for skin-off, then this is how to do it.

Link to video (courtesy of


Helpful tips:

  • Use a sharp, flexible, filleting knife if you have one (or pick one up in our online shop)
  • Pull the skin taut, and let the knife do the work - check on progress as you work, so you're not leaving too much fish on top of the skin
  • Pinbone the fillet, using tweezers to pull out the sturdy bones from the centre of the fillet (we also sell fish bone tweezers in our online shop)

How to skin & pin bone fish


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