Large raw tiger prawns


Our large raw tiger prawns are juicy and succulent, perfect for a prawn cocktail starter, or sizzling in garlic butter.


Choose from two different sizes (order multiple quantities to scale up for more people):


SMALL (6 prawns) - £4.99

MEDIUM (12 prawns) - £9.99

LARGE (18 prawns) - £14.99


Our prawns are supplied with heads and shells on - but we can peel them for you on request.

Product Type
  • Provenance

    Our prawns are sourced from outside the UK.

  • How should I store my prawns?

    Please refrigerate your prawns after delivery and consume within 2 days.

  • How to peel, devein & butterfly raw prawns

    Please watch this handy video from BBC Good Food which will show you how to shell, devein and butterfly raw prawns ready for cooking.


    Helpful tips:

    Twist the head off the body, then peel away the shell and legs in segments until you get to the tail


    The heads and shells are a delicious base for home-made fish stocks and sauces


    Take the tip of a sharp knife and make an incision to expose the vein, which will either be down the back or running along the belly of the prawn. Pull to remove


    Wash before using


    To butterfly a prawn, take the knife and slice as far as you can through the middle without cutting it in half - pull the sides apart and cook as desired.