"Great sized portions and noticeably better quality than supermarket fish."    
"Really fresh and delicious - the salmon was excellent."
"Quality fish - large portions and a similar shape making them easier to cook."


Fresh salmon is famous for being one of the richest sources of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for a healthy heart and brain function.


Loch Duart have been producing the finest farmed salmon in North West Scotland for 20 years. They're recognised for producing to very high welfare standards, monitored by RSPCA Freedom Foods code of conduct. Such is the quality of Loch Duart salmon that it's designated sashimi-grade, so doesn't require freezing before eating raw.


Our salmon is expertly filleted and hand cut to order into generous 180g-200g individual portion - available in a range of 4 pack sizes. Supplied skin-on, trimmed, pin-boned and ready to cook or freeze.


The LARGE and X-LARGE packs save you money by reducing the cost of each fillet portion - why not stock up your freezer? You can save money on every pack size by signing-up to one of our Weekly or Monthly 'Salmon Fix' subscriptions.

Please note: if choosing the weekly or monthly price options, you cannot purchase other products at the same time. Please order other items separately afterwards, and we'll bring everything together.

Loch Duart Scottish salmon fillets (3, 6, 9 or 12 pack)

Price Options
Weekly Salmon Fix!
Save 10% by signing up to regular weekly salmon deliveries
£13.49weekly/ auto-renew
Monthly Salmon Fix!
Save 5% by signing up to regular monthly salmon deliveries
£14.24monthly/ auto-renew
One-time purchase
  • SMALL = 3 portions (540-600g pack)
    MEDIUM = 6 portions (1.1-1.2kg pack)
    LARGE = 9 portions (1.6-1.8kg pack)
    X-LARGE = 12 portions (2.2-2.4kg pack)


    We hand cut our portions to an average weight of 180g-200g for size consistency. On occasions, they can be a little larger or smaller than this, but your pack weight will always be no less than the minimum weight shown above. We weigh every pack before delivery for accuracy.

* High-quality, fresh UK produce * Free delivery across Sussex (no minimum order) *

 * Easy to understand pricing & pack sizes * Sustainable packaging *





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