• Mixed Fresh Fish Selection


    Our Mixed Fresh Fish Selections feature two types of high-quality fish - one white and one oily - in every order. It's the ideal choice if you're looking to eat a healthy, balanced diet and want the convenience of prepared fillets.


    We regularly include cod, haddock, hake, salmon, trout and mackerel within these selections.


    We have two different order sizes:


    Choose MEDIUM for 4 x 180-200g* fillets of high-quality fresh fish

    Minimum weight of fish in this selection 720g-800g*



    Choose LARGE for 8 x 180-200g* fillets of high-quality fresh fish

    Minimum weight of fish in this selection 1.4kg-1.6kg*



    Fish is supplied filleted, cleaned, trimmed, scaled, skin-on and pre-portioned

    (pin boning may be required)

    Fish in this selection will vary due to seasonal availability

    (photos for illustrative purposes)


    *Weights may vary


    Allergy advice: Fish (100%)


    Images by Sam Sloan Photography

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    • How should I store my fish?

      When we deliver your order, put it straight in the fridge. Fresh fish is best enjoyed the same day it's delivered or within 2 days. Each pack features a label with a 'Use By' date which will be 2 days after the date your fish was packed. The paper in which your fish is wrapped is compostable, so it can go in your food waste bin or composter.


      Alternatively, if you're planning to eat your fish 2+ days later, freezing is recommended to maintain freshness. Ideally freeze your fish as soon as possible on the delivery day. Remove all of the packaging and place in a freezer bag (remove excess air) or airtight freezer container. Defrost thoroughly before use and eat on the same day. Do not re-freeze. Best within 2 months of freezing.

    • Omega-3 fats

      Omega-3 fats are a group of unsaturated fats that we need to stay healthy – especially for heart health. Eating foods high in omega-3 fats could help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.


      There are different types of omega-3 fats which are found in different foods. The main ones are:


      ALA (alpha linolenic acid)

      ALA is essential for good health, but our bodies can’t make it, so we need to get it from the foods we eat. It’s mainly found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.


      EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

      We need these types of omega-3 fats for a healthy heart and blood circulation. Our bodies can make some of these fats from the ALA in the food we eat, but only a small amount. So, it’s good to eat foods that already contain them.


      Oily fish including sardines, salmon, trout and mackerel are the best source of EPA and DHA. White fish and shell fish contain some omega 3s, but in smaller amounts.