The beautiful flavour of fresh mussels is showcased in this spicy tomato sauce. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the plate.


Dr Jenna Macchiochi's nutrition notes:

"Mussels are one of the most well-rounded foods to include in your diet, high in zinc, iron and other minerals, vitamins A and B12. A fantastic source of protein, high in nutrients yet low in calories - and low in saturated (bad) fat yet rich in essential omega-3 fats. In this dish they are paired with flavours from the Mediterranean including tomatoes, which when cooked, release their anti-cancer phytonutrient lycopene, and garlic-rich in allicin a great antibacterial phytonutrient to help us stay well in winter."


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    (courtesy of Taste Magazine)


    Mussels in chilli tomato sauce

    Cooking style
    Preparation: Easy
    • Our mussels are from Westcountry mussels who supply high-welfare, farmed and rope-grown in St. Austell Bay in Cornwall. These mussels are grown in the highest-grade clean ocean waters, providing the very best quality mussels available. More details

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