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"Shout out to Nutritious Fish for delivering THE freshest mackerel."


Our Oily Fresh Fish Selections feature 4 portions of boneless fresh fish fillet - 2 portions of Loch Duart Scottish salmon and 2 portions of ChalkStream rainbow trout. The ideal choice for a couple or small family who want a healthy, balanced diet including oily fish a couple of times a week.


The Loch Duart salmon and ChalkStream rainbow trout in these selections are both RSPCA-assured. They're also designated sashimi-grade which means the fish can be eaten raw without the need for freezing first. Fresh salmon and trout is one of the richest sources of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for a healthy heart and brain function.

Each fish is expertly hand filleted and cut into generous 180g-200g portions. We carefully wrap your fish in our signature compostable paper packaging and deliver it labelled so it's ready to cook or freeze (all of our fish is fresh - never previously frozen).

If you're a larger family or want to each fish more frequently each week, check out our Monthly Fish Selections - great for stocking up your freezer! You can save 10% on these monthly selections by signing-up to a subscription.


We're passionate about supplying you with the freshest UK-sourced fish. Have you read our blog post "How fresh is the fish you buy and where does it come from?"

Oily Fresh Fish Selection

SKU: Small Oily Fish Selection (4 portions)
  • 4 portions (720-800g pack)


    We hand cut our portions to an average weight of 180g-200g for size consistency. On occasions, they can be a little larger or smaller than this, but your pack weight will always be no less than the minimum weight shown above. We weigh every pack before delivery for accuracy.

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