Parma ham-wrapped cod and Mediterranean vegetables

Cod - and other white fish like Haddock, Hake and Pollock - are amazing sources of lean protein, vitamins and minerals. Because of the subtle natural taste of these types of white fish, they really work as 'flavour carriers' for stronger tastes.

In this recipe from Dr Hazel Wallace (aka The Food Medic) the fish is coated with pesto and wrapped in salty Parma ham. These ingredients not only pack the all-important flavour punch, but they also protect the fish from drying out. This is a really versatile recipe as you can vary the types of white-fish and accompanying vegetables you use depending on seasonality/availabilty.

Calories: 497 (per serving)


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Protein: 38g

Fat: 18g
Carbohydrate: 40g
Sugars: 17g
Fibre: 9g
Salt: 1g

Cooking style
Preparation: Easy