• Seafood Paella Recipe Kit


    Our Seafood Paella Recipe Kit contains everything you'll need to make an authentic and delicious seafood paella. Great for dinner-party sharing!


    The Recipe Kit includes all of the ingredients for this classic recipe by José Pizarro:

    Link to recipe (courtesy of FoodReference.com).


    Included in your Recipe Kit:


    Fresh monkfish tail meat

    Fresh live Cornish rope-grown mussels

    Fresh live Dorset clams

    Fresh raw tiger prawns

    Fresh squid (cleaned & prepared)

    Valencian 'Bomba' paella rice

    San Marzano D.O.P. canned tomatoes

    Potts' fish stock

    White wine (Casillero del Diablo Reserva Sauvignon Blanc)

    Fresh vegetables: fresh peas, onion, garlic, lemon, flat leaf parsley

    La Chinata smoked paprika


    Not included: olive oil, salt & pepper


    The Recipe Kit is available in two sizes for 4-6 or 8-10 people (larger numbers can be catered for on request):


    MEDIUM (serves 4-6 people): £59.99

    We've scaled the ingredients in José's original recipe to make it suitable for 4-6 people - the method remains the same. We'll email you a full ingredients list plus recipe instructions before delivery.


    LARGE (serves 8-10 people): £119.99

    We've scaled the ingredients in José's original recipe to make it suitable for 8-10 people - the method remains the same. We'll email you a full ingredients list plus recipe instructions before delivery.


    We don't supply printed recipe cards as our aim is to be as sustainable as possible - just like we're minimising unnecessary paper use/waste with our plant-based compostable packaging. The recipe instructions you'll be emailed are great for viewing on your phone/tablet/home hub to guide you as you cook.


    We also sell Paella Pans in our Online Shop. Not only will this help you to deliver an authentic paella, it looks great as your table centrepiece when you do the big reveal in front of your guests!)

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      • What our customers say

        "Just had my first delivery and it didn't disappoint! I ordered the Luxury Seafood Paella Kit for a dinner party which gave me everything I needed to get straight on with cooking when I was ready.


        It was beautifully packaged (everything was recyclable/compostable) and the quality of the ingredients including the fish and shellfish was incredible. The result was an easy-to-cook, restaurant-quality meal which was so full of flavour. My guests honestly thought it was the best Paella they ever had."

        Russell - Queen's Park, Brighton

        "Honestly the best paella I've ever eaten - followed the recipe instructions supplied and it was truly amazing, thank you! We will be ordering these when we have weekends off work."

        Emily - Woodingdean, Brighton


      • Provenance

        Mussels: Our high-welfare, rope-grown mussels are from Westcountry Mussels based in St. Austell Bay in Cornwall.. These mussels are grown in the highest-grade clean ocean waters, providing the very best quality mussels available.


        Clams: Our clams are from The Poole Harbour Clam & Cockle Fishery in Dorset which is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Poole Bay is the second largest natural harbour in the world and the largest harvest area for Palourde clams in the UK.

      • How should I store my fish and shellfish?

        Live shellfish (without shells removed) should be stored in open containers in the fridge, loosely covered with clean, damp paper towels or cloths to prevent them from drying out. The optimum storage temperature is 4-8°C. Temperatures of 1°C or lower (especially freezing temperatures less than 0°C) can kill shellfish.


        Do not store shellfish:

        In airtight containers (boxes or bags) because they need to breathe

        In water or directly on ice since the fresh water may drown them



        Discard mussels, oysters, clams or any other live shellfish if their shells crack or break

        Discard any shellfish if the shells are open and do not close when you tap them - live shellfish will "clam up" if their shells are tapped


        Your fresh fish, prawns and squid should go straight in the fridge (in the compostable greaseproof paper in which they're wrapped) and are best enjoyed the same day, or within 2 days. Each pack features a label with a 'Use By' date which will be 2 days after the date your fish was packed and delivered.


        Please remember to dispose of the compostable greaseproof paper in your food waste bin, compost bin or garden compost. It will break down into organic material in a matter of weeks.