Whole fillet of flaky white fish


We supply whole fillets of sustainable cod, pollock, haddock and hake. All have flaky white flesh and a subtle flavour and are deliciously versatile whether baked, steamed, breaded or fried.


Your whole fillet will be supplied skin-on, ready for you to cut into the portions required for your recipe or to freeze. Each whole fillet weights around 1-1.5kg*.


Plastic-free sustainable packaging

We use plant-based, compostable packaging for our fresh fish paper wrapping, labels and bags. You can freeze your fresh fish in the paper it arrives in and, when you have finished with it, add it to your food waste bin, compost bin or garden compost and it will break down into organic material in a matter of weeks.


*Weights may vary

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  • How should I store my fish?

    Fresh fish is best enjoyed when eaten straight away, or within 2 days. Store in your fridge and make sure that all fish is in covered containers.


    Alternatively, to freeze your fish, place it straight in the freezer upon delivery - remember that oily fish does not freeze as well as white fish, so be sure to consume within 2 months. Write the date on the packaging before freezing. Do not re-freeze your fish after defrosting.