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This wild black sea bream is locally-landed in our own Sussex waters and in season between April-July. With juicy, succulent white flesh, it's fantastic pan-fried to provide delicious crispy skin (a great source of nutrients) and can also be oven-roasted, steamed, grilled and barbecued.


Each sea bream weighs between 400g-500g* (gutted and cleaned) and is supplied as whole fish to cook on the bone. We can also supply this as a filleted fish, providing two fillets that together weigh around 200g*.


If you would like your fish filleted, please add a note where it says "Any special requirements?" when viewing your basket before you checkout.


Weights are approximate - fish size varies at different times of the year

Subject to availability (if your chosen fish is unavailable on the day, a full refund will be issued)

Wild black sea bream

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  • Our wild sea bream is locally-landed from our own Sussex waters. The Sussex day-boats land their catch within hours of capture, to ensure the fish is of the highest quality. When these fish are temporarily unavailable from the local sea area, we will only source them from sustainable stocks within the UK.

  • When we deliver your order, put it straight in the fridge. Fresh fish is best enjoyed the same day it's delivered or within 2 days. Each pack features a label with a 'Use By' date which will be 2 days after the date your fish was packed. If your fish is wrapped in paper, this is compostable, so it can go in your food waste bin or composter.


    Alternatively, if you're planning to eat your fish 2+ days later, freezing is recommended to maintain freshness. Ideally freeze your fish as soon as possible on the delivery day. Remove all of the packaging and place in a freezer bag (remove excess air) or airtight freezer container. Defrost thoroughly before use and eat on the same day. Do not re-freeze. Best within 2 months of freezing.

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