This wild line-caught sea bass is a world away from its farmed cousin. One of the finest fish available around our coastlines and as such is highly-prized. A very special treat for a special occasion.


With juicy, succulent white flesh, it's fantastic pan-fried to provide delicious crispy skin (a great source of nutrients) and can also be oven-roasted, steamed, grilled and barbecued - so versatile is sea bass, it can also be used for carpaccio and ceviche.


Here's a quick guide to buying:


Medium: You'll receive two sea bass fillets each weighing 300-350g (600g-700g fillet in total)


Large: You'll receive two sea bass fillets each weighing 600-700g (1.2kg-1.4kg fillet in total).


Each of your fillets will be boned, scaled and ready to cook whole, or cut into smaller portions.


If you would like to buy this fish whole to cook on the bone, please visit our Whole Fish page.

Wild line-caught sea bass fillets (x2)

  • We have a whole section on our website dedicated to explaining the health benefits of eating fresh fish & shellfish.

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