Frozen luxury fish pie mix


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SKU: 400g frozen luxury fish pie mix


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Fish pie is a popular family favourite that's quick and easy to make any day of the week. We make it even easier for you by expertly hand filleting, skinning and dicing premium boneless fresh fish fillet for you, so it's ready to cook once defrosted.

We only use premium cuts of fresh UK fish for our luxury pie mix which features equal quantities of oily and white fish. For your oily fish, it will either be sashimi-grade Loch Duart Scottish salmon or ChalkStream rainbow trout - both high-welfare, RSPCA-assured UK farmed fish. The white fish will vary between sustainable wild UK cod, haddock, hake and pollock.

We start with whole fresh fish, which is expertly hand filleted, then the skin is removed and the fillet diced into generous chunks. We cut, pack and freeze on the same day to maintain maximum freshness. Everything comes wrapped in our signature compostable packaging so it's plastic-free.

Allergy advice: Fish (100%)