Sustainable white fish fillet (skinned & diced)


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SKU: White fish fillet skinned & diced (400g)


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If you're looking for a cheaper (and sometimes more sustainable) alternative to UK cod, we prepare at least two other types of white fish every week. These will vary between sustainable Scottish haddock, West Country hake and South Coast pollock - all wild fresh fish landed around the UK coastline and never previously frozen.

Each whole fish is expertly hand filleted, then the skin is removed and the fillet diced into generous chunks. Deliciously versatile for lots of different dishes like marinated BBQ skewers, fish pies, tacos and curries and an ideal choice for a healthy, balanced diet.

We cut, pack and deliver on the same day to maintain maximum freshness. Everything comes wrapped in our signature compostable packaging so it's plastic-free.

Allergy advice: Fish (100%)