Whole ChalkStream rainbow trout (filleted)


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SKU: Whole ChalkStream rainbow trout (2 x 600g-700g fillets)


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Fresh trout is one of the richest sources of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for a healthy heart and brain function.

Similar to terroir in wine, it's the pure chalkstream water that gives these trout their unique fresh, clean taste. ChalkStream is recognised for producing to the highest standards of welfare, food safety and environmental and ecological care. It's also designated sashimi-grade which means the fish can be eaten raw without the need for freezing first.

We start with whole fresh ChalkStream trout, harvested for us each week from the clear waters of the Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire. Each fish is expertly hand filleted, and each of the two whole fillets you'll receive weigh approximately 600g-700g - together these will comfortably provide 8-10 good-sized portions - representing excellent value for money.

Our fillets are trimmed, packed and delivered on the same day to maintain maximum freshness. Everything comes wrapped in our signature compostable packaging so it's plastic-free.

Allergy advice: Fish (100%)