Subscription Options

We now offer two subscription options which both save time and money on regular weekly or monthly deliveries:

Product Subscriptions

We offer a range of easy self-service product subscriptions where you can save up to 10% on regular deliveries of the same product.

In our online shop simply select the product(s) you would like delivered regularly - then choose the weekly or monthly delivery option instead of a one-time purchase.


Your order will auto-renew until you cancel - all you need to do each week (or month) is book a free delivery on your preferred day.

Multiple product subscriptions may be setup to run concurrently

You must setup each subscription up in the online shop

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Our bespoke subscription service offers a 15% discount across our entire product range, providing you with a more tailored experience each week/month based on your personal preferences.

Working to your specified shopping budget*, you can leave it to us to devise and vary your selections each time. We'll even block-book all of your deliveries on your preferred days.


To discuss setting up a bespoke subscription, please email us with details of your requirements and your proposed weekly/monthly shopping budget.

Bespoke subscription plans run for either 3 or 6 months

*Minimum budget required: £50/week or £200/month.

Subscription Benefits